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Copy Isn't Just About Words.

With targeted marketing copy, you become the obvious solutions provider for your target audience. Great copy tells a persuasive story and heads off objections at the pass. 


Copy Makes Selling Easier.

Many companies make the expensive mistake of focusing copy on what they know best: themselves. But when a high dollar deal is on the table, when is the sale ever about bells-and-whistles or corporate heritage, and not about the customer? 


Quality copy keeps proving the old adage: "People don’t buy quarter-inch drill bits—they buy quarter-inch holes." Position your company as a solutions provider, and increase your sales success. I can help.


Get Copy Crafted For Consumption.

Experience the difference a professional marketing writer can make.

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Experience Includes...


Content Marketing / SEO

PR & Marketing Agencies

Interactive Agencies

Mobile Apps

Recipes / Food Packaging

Restaurant Menus

Wine / Beverage Menus

Franchise Kits

Beauty / Skin Care

Direct Sales

Trade Associations

Financial Services

Industrial / Construction


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